Wednesday, August 28

A simple question

Hi my dears,

I know how difficult it can be to say bye bye summer and welcome colder seasons. 
So when I come across this question... What a surprise! It was very fast - the summer sped away, but who cares? I really love the fall too and you; how do you feel?

That is my excuse anyway? Maybe!
Seriously decorate the available basic pieces!
Let you know I have been actively planning my new outfits for these seasons. Play with my favorite cape, boyfriend jeans, hat, summer dress with cardigan or leather jacket and so on. Please do not forget - this is an exciting time of the year for many fashion lovers as the trendy items have started rolling out across inditex brands, H&M and so many online shops.
First of all let's talk about shoes... pumps of course. one of my favorites...

Why would you want to wear pumps? That is the simple question: how sexy and I am a woman...  

As you think the black pumps never go out of style and definitely these make us feel like dancing for the transition time - from summer's colder evenings and early fall then spring... We can never have too many black high heels as I literally wear them almost all year round with everything. Hit! Versatile! 
The objective is to use these pretty classical in the fall, just before frosts and we will pick up the other timeless pieces - yes, black ankle booties...
What do you think?