Friday, July 26

Smart Shopping

Happy Friday!

At my latest summer sale, I only got few things. Could I be reaching some kind of saturation point? Or maybe I am becoming more selective. I do not know or maybe after all...
In fact it actually makes more difference in doing an older purchases and newer purchases. even if there are many temptations. Naturally there are always dream pieces on ebay searching list, but they are expensive or limited.

Few years ago I have amassed so many things, I was constantly fidgetting when I walked into a vintage boutique or only a Zara and they have showed so many fashionable bargain items. I almost cleaned out these stores... This is a joke, but it was dangerous - no doubt.
I have to admit I have lot of clothes and accessories and is a very important factor that favors me - I do not like things too minimalist and look around - you will find so many kind of items on store's shelves. Sssshhhh it is my time!
So it will be limited... what? I do not feel the urge to buy a lot of unnecessary things.
I think example I only need the coupon codes for the cheapest online shopping thus I can spend a bit more for couple of nice pieces but still save money for some pipe dream! What is your suggestion... experience of smart buying?