Wednesday, July 10

Clutch Me Touch Me 3.

Happy mid-week, my dears!

The clutch bags are just perfect for keeping your essential items within safely and comfortably not to mention how trendy. One year ago I put the posts for my favorite cluthes. Do you remember? 

What happened? 
I have to admit I have collected quite a few more since then. 
Look at the first two pictures for my new ones!
Which lovely accessory is your favorite?

tie-dye oversize clutch with robot keyring - Zara and Prada
the Rolls clutch - Marc Jacobs
white leather clutch bag with tab - Etiquette by Dana Savuica
white and red cheetah pony hair clutch with squirrel- ladybird- and colorful keyrings - Zara with MaxMara, Furla and See by Chloé

black velvet clutch - Alberto Guardiani 
dark green leather clutch with a deer - Roland Mouret (limited edition)
box clutch with cows - Love Moschino
patent black oversize envelope clutch - Bimba & Lola
blue cluth with charming girls - Love Moschino

black quilted "chocolate bar" clutch - Chanel (without chain)
dirty pink crinkled box clutch - Abbacino
James Jean's printed floral clutch - Prada (limited edition)
brown larger "Edna" bag - Mulberry (without chain)
hot pink clutch with antler handle - Lou Lou Belle 
red patent clutch - Pollini

blue-ish clutch - Anna Amélie
dark blue book clutch - handmade from eBay
handpainted fish shade and acacia wooden clutch - Timmy Woods
dark blue clutch - vintage Dior
red "pixelfolk" clutch - The Beta Version

colorful box bagJamin Puech 
hot pink satin box clutch - Miss KG 
black raffia bag - Stella McCartney 
lilac and greenish raffia cluth - Udom Age
mint snakeskin clutch - Diane Von Furstenberg 
vintage patent one with a horse brooch from Lovebug Vintage


  1. Anonymous11:33 am CEST

    The most amazing clutch collection!

  2. Love love love!

  3. So many fab clutches!
    Love the Lou Lou Belle!


  4. Such lovely clutches! I really like that little fish one in the second last photo, it is beautiful :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Oh yes, they are from Timmy Woods. I love wooden bag so much, I think they are really unique!

  5. You have such a fab collection! I LOVE the Box clutch with Cows! :)

  6. Beautiful clutches!!

  7. Anonymous12:12 am CEST

    OMG! I've been researching for the cow clutch for quite a long time! If you ever consider sell it as second hand, please please please let me know!!! The price is negotiable!


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