Friday, July 19

Beauty and skin care products

Hello darlings,

Despite my blog talking usually fashion than beauty and skin care products, we all know that latter is still important and be mindful of healthy skin during the summer months. As you know summer weather that is to say the main reason is the sun... Thus it has a severely meaningful effect on the whole body so it is more important than ever during the these months to have a strict skincare regime in place. Sun creams and facial creams especially we are at a mediterran area, make-up products which include a skin care  or a Tanwise Tan Remover just to name a few of my favorites. Do not you know the latter? No? That is a very useful product for an aesthetic, put the case you are using a tanning lotion, (because your skin is really sensitive or just you do not like enjoy the sun for a long time) but turn up the uneven areas and streaks? This one removes self-tanning products for up to one hour after application. How smart!
As obvious will be recognized by Clarisonic Coupons and Sally Beauty Coupons... What? We do not need more and more expensive items! 
That is simple thought. Great idea! What do you think?

photos: tumblr and me