Saturday, March 10

Shoe fasting

Hey loves,

I know... I know... I said it my shoe obsession is satisfied! Even more and more pairs of mine and I am officially addicted. Many proven seen here and here. Shoe fasting to safe is very efficient for me. I will start at 1st of April (intermittent) for two months to come... and I hope so...stop shoe shopping! I think this is really justified. 

Look at this pair. They have been the last ones...stop shoe shopping!
I will get absolution for my birthday, but not a large quantity. No ladies, there is not reason for a quick replacement. No excuse. The new ones will come from my wardrobe...
What do you think?

dark green and blue printed leather shoes - Christopher Kane, (you can buy them same ones in simple black here)

Bye bye shoes! 


  1. Love the pointy toes!


  2. Goodness me, I would totally love to see what your shoe collection is like, you have so many!

  3. shoes! oh dear.. good luck with your fast... lol


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