Wednesday, March 7

Always be inspired!

Hey guys,

You know style is out there, no doubt. Top 5 stylish bloggers - different but love them all - in my visual angle...

Fascinating blog of a hiper feminine person, Peony Lim who always be inspired to stimulate that wear so many lovely things as like fur, silk sheer dress, a pair of unique shoes and so on.

Favorite shoes from her in my eyes, these madness sandals with hoove heels from Louis Vuitton.


Alix and her blog - aka The Cherry Blossom Girl - get inspired to live as like a modern princess with lot of laces, flowers, ruffles and so on what characterized her life.  It is deeply entrenched in romanticism and fantasy, her life appears so glamorous. That's a dream. Furthermore she is a master of mix, I think about pair of luxury shoes with an inditex label's clothes.

Favorite footwear from her in my eyes, these hiper feminine lace sheer boots by Valentino.

Garance, who does not know her photos, sketches and her absolutely french style? she manages to be always so cool. Always be inspired! What? For everyday chic.

Favorite sandals from her in my eyes, they color-block Fendis. 

Kelly aka The Glamourai, who inspired us that wear a pair of sunnies more often. I definitely love her style. She makes style seem so effortless. 

Pretty lace up sandals by Christian Louboutin are one of my favorite from her.

Leandra is absolutely stunning author among others The Man Repeller blog. Yay! She is always wearing a great mix and she made by day. Funny, unique and genius. What can I say more? Who always be inspired to wear more eclectic clothes with funny accessories. 

Favorite shoes from her in my eyes, a pair of velvet slippers with shoes accessory from Dannijo.

I inspired by Ulrika - The Freelancer's Fashionblog - who is a rockabilly girl and now she is pregnant and I can say even more beautiful than ever.  Do not you think? Ulrika always be inspired to wear lot of vintage clothes from 40s and 50s. Truth, I think.

Favorite shoes from her in my eyes, these platforms from Minna Parikka


  1. Nice post Janet! :)

  2. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Especially loving those lace boots!


  3. I'm already a huge fan of all these blogs. The Glamourai is a personal favourite of mine.

  4. Fabulous post! The Glamourai does make everything seem so effortless!

  5. Az első képen a virágos felső gyönyörű szép!!:)

  6. GORGEOUS photographs - I so need those boots in the fourth picture! :)

  7. lovely inspirations! I often read the glamourai too :D

  8. I love the Cherry blossom girl ;) Happy woman's day! xx


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