Monday, March 19

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Happy Monday, dears!

I have a very strange thing going on with scarves nowadays. Scarves are always a superb bonus with any outfit by some means. I think the simple way or something twisted mode like a funny accessory, example hang it up on the bag. So I could not resist the temptation of purchase again when I saw it at eBay. It came from old Twenty8Twelve collection and finally I outbade it on the starting price, £4.99. Lucky me!

Pretty details like a donkey, skull and bones...

huge cotton scarf - Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller


  1. ohhh very chic!! love this scarf!

  2. Just perfect .... that precious .... great buy =)

    Kisses from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne

  3. Scarves are the perfect accessory. I love this one. It's beautiful.

  4. I LOVE the illustrations! :)

  5. It is chic and very nice! I have a thing for scarves too.

    I really don't want to be rude/bad/mean or whatever but what about changing the colour of the text? It was really difficult for me to read it, I think I darker one would be better.


  6. Very nice. With the colder whether coming here soon, I'm going to be thinking about scarves again.

  7. Hú, nagyon jól néz ki!:)


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