Sunday, September 4

my mood

I am very simple when we are talking about jewelry, I believe more is more, but I think a given piece; rings, earrings with ear cuffs or an oversize statement necklace. This varies day-to-day. Who knows it is depending on what I am wearing and where I am going? How I love to add another face to my outfits with different jewelry. 

More is more? I've been straying from my classic choices. Recently I stacked on a couple of silver eternity rings; it is one of them from the Larimar Bliss - lo above which is itself. The 925 Sterling Silver is carved with tiny lines mimicking the outlines of a block. The adjustable band begins with a thick belt that diminishes in size as it reaches the end.It’s a remarkable design in itself, but when the round Larimar Stone is placed at the smaller end of the ring, the jewelry comes to life. To maximize your look why not wear it with the matching Apart Stud Earrings? Not only is the Larimar Stone a thing of beauty, but also a healing gem that’s treasured worldwide. 

Let you know this is special - singularly with a girly and classy French manicure. Different mood and style but me. Yes this is mine. I guess it's a pushover for me but sometimes I think I may be too picky. Certainly I love the unique items. such as the trinket (kitschy?) or not. Oversize accessories; all the time jewelry; statement but for a night out? I guess layering little dainty bits is nicer. A coctail ring and a wispy necklace - I think this is my choice. My mood!

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  1. Such a stunning ring - I'm finding myself loving silver accessories more and more lately!



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