Thursday, August 4

black does not have to be boring

Hi my dears,

I bet you thought I forgot about the Christopher Raeburn mutt bag, right?

"I think no, totally NO!" 

So it has been on my mind and I felt in love and after a long time. Oh guys, it took a few years but this cool piece made mine and today I am carrying Tyria (yes, the name is Tyria, because yesterday 3rd August and the nameday? Tyria! What a beautiful name! "Why gave this guy Tyia name?" Simply - I got this bag at 3rd of August!) to the office. All black outfit! Black does not have to be boring do not you think? Black shirt-dress, black Wolford leggings, a pair of black  sandals by Givenchy and black Tyria. The mutt! 

Wednesday, 3 August? Not for a special occasion! Not for my Birthday! Not for our anniversary! What a surprise!

"How can you be so lucky girl?"

I have a wonderful bf and looks like he always care about me and my desires. Thanks Honey, you are the best! Tyria is a good girl and she just made my day every day! Refinement! My lover you made my day every day. I love you! 

black leather mutt bag - Christopher Raeburn


  1. That bag is the absolute cutest! I'm so glad you took the plunge and purchased - it's such a versatile little piece!



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