Sunday, June 3


Happy Sunday my dears,

So how was your last evening? What did you do? I and darling Susan went to a special visiting and shopping on the Barnoff showroom.

Tamara who is nice to us with lovely hospitality - so many fruits, oh yes - considering we have a diet period - champagne, cake... 

The front row - The new collection!

beautiful dressing-room...

Sophie's (Tamara's talented daughter) illustration on the Barnoff's top - among others this is my favorite... I need one of these!

More illustrations from Sophie. Totally cute... Tamara said the japanese pep is crazy about Sophie's art works. Well who would not love her creations?

some sketches...

awesome... do not you think?

at the dressmaker's shop...patterns, sewing machines and so on...peep in!

Barnoff cake!

Tamara with the Barnoff cake...
She was wearing her own creation - certain floral maxi dress from her summer collection - with a vintage Gucci jacket from cca. 60's-70's (not seen here but she almost always wears a pair of Converse. And at this time? There was no other way! Hah! Greyish Converse.) 


Bit of still life - Susan's oversize black tote from Twenty8Twelve and my Furla "Alice in Wonderland" handbag...

We had a really really awesome time - special thanks to you, Tamara!

photo credit: me


  1. I'm afraid my last evening was considerably less interesting than yours although I did feel a sense of accomplishment. I finally uploaded a couple of YouTube videos and embedded them in a long promised blog post that took like what seemed forever to write.

    The special evening you and Susan spent out visiting and shopping at the Barnoff showroom with Tamara looks like it was fabulous. The fashions look very colourful and it looks like there was a lot of unique haute couture.

    Tamara's floral maxi dress is beautiful! She is quite an artist. What a unique opportunity getting to see the artwork for her designs where her creative talent is being set to paper. That really is being in the front row for haute couture.

  2. Anonymous6:53 pm CEST

    Very creative designs! Love the drawings. I stayed at home last night. Sometimes it's nice to relax.

  3. Oh kár, h nem lehettem ott :)

  4. Amazing pics!
    Love those jackets!


  5. GORGEOUS! i especially loveeee the illustrations printed on the clothing those are gorgeous!

  6. lovely collection :) the cake looks yummy and I really like those illustrations! :)

  7. Tök jók ezek a képek, a rucik is tetszenek!
    Ő egy ismerősöd, aki tervező?

  8. Everything here is so gorgeous - I absolutely love it! :)


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