Friday, December 22

At home

Hi there,

How exciting...First of all our new house completed back in November; yet, it's still not quite finished; we are going to do so many things, I will use chalk paint on most of my new projects. Don't get me wrong, we have loved renovating in lots of different ways and we now own a house we could only have ever dreamed; not least so many thanks to making for my parents, my talented Daddy and my boyfriend's family. 

Our space, our cozy area and home sweet home I think. Look at these little details and our adventures so far...

I am proud of myself, because we have a self-made interior among others.

We have become lovers of antique pieces, lovers of rustic things and so on. We were gonna go cruising in Ecseri Flea market, Odon-Fon, Tolerian Antik and browsing at the similar online stores and we found so many treasures.  Lo!

Most of our new furniture (the wardrobe,the kitchen and the book nook) has had arrived and designed by Art Mirror. Thank you Kerti Zsolt; I think the outcome of the collaboration is incredible, don't you think?


Oh, my bathroom (mine? yes, please because Mr Big is always happy with a private shower room, actually; he has cast its vote. It is a typical retro and modern mix, but not seen here. 

Let's go back to the point. My unique bathroom and one of my favorites, you probably know totally me and how I love blue and white appearance, Marrakesh style and strip floor... 

It's almost Christmas here. Oh so cozy! Wish you a Merry Christmas, my dears!

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