Friday, July 18

Best ways to dress for night visiting a casino

Now that the casino has been firmly established as a night-out destination for people in the UK, those who want to go to one for a break away from the usual pub or nightclub choices need to be aware of what you can and cannot wear. Many people nowadays are also used to playing at online casinos such as and so won’t be used to having to adhere to a dress code, but hopefully we can give you a few pointers. Although most provincial casinos will be a lot less strict in terms of their evening dress code policies, there are some outfits that could see you fail to get past the door. This is true for both men and women, but as women have more fashion options to begin with, let’s focus there.

The general rule for the local casinos that people go to on a typical night out is that smart casual is considered acceptable dress. If you are going to a casino party you will probably want to dress up more, but smart casual is ideal for when you are there to gamble. Properly ironed jeans, blouse and jacket, a smart trouser suit or a mid-length dress or skirt would all be excellent choices. Together with sensible flat shoes, these ensure that you are smart and tidy, but that your clothes are comfortable and unobtrusive enough to ensure that you can focus fully on your gaming. Don’t turn up in scruffy jeans and t-shirt, as these will not be acceptable at a casino in the evening

If you have booked the bar or a room within the casino for a party then you will want to step your fashion selection up a gear from smart casual, so that you really make a dynamic visual impact. Going for anything very skimpy is not a good idea, as even the smaller casinos tend to frown on this, but you also do not want to look too stiff and formal – which tends to be the case with full-length dresses and skirts. One ever-popular choice for women in this situation is a Little Black Dress (LBD) because it indicates that you are fun-loving, but also that you combine this quality with being classy and stylish.