Tuesday, May 28


Hi darlings,

Monday and the weekdays!

I find myself I have a bit of stressful life. There are days like weekdays. I am using my computer almost everyday because l am working as an IT boffin a lot in three shifts then I can not wait to get home - first of all, you know I am a huge supporter of some blogs thus, it may surprise you to know I have an affiliation of checking them. I just get ideas and inspiration by these blogs to create different and interesting posts for my own blogs - I have to admit it might take me ages to do these, but this is a hobby.
I do not have any definite tips other than to be prepared for all situations, but it is a rotation.
Working, blogging at my PC... I make cooking easier dinner, running, bit of reading could finally be relaxing.

Now, this evening I tend to escape a hot soak. I need a relax. I am going to dive in a bubble bath and fortunately we have a TV in our bathroom's wall. Thanks for my lover!

Click click! I guess we use the top digital TV deals and definitely worth it.
If you did not already know. I am a little bit addicted to TV shows at TLC - my most interested of course, art- and fashion-related... LA Ink is one of my favorites. What about you?