Friday, March 15

What's on my mind?


Coming up with the new seasons can be a real furore and I am quite sure that you got a bucket full of inspiration... browsing, hunting, so many walking then bit of sbuffata between two shopping trips... under the circumstances you have to admit so exhausting opposite when I am at my computer in a big comfort. I  keep my ears open, tic tac tic tac my tail of auctions' ends are near. By the bye - I need a new watch, maybe a vintage one from Chanel. Sigh! Dream!

So I am always on the hunt for great finds at auctions. Why not?
I have found so many amazing pieces this way  - though I have so many clothes; accessories and jewellery of course. There are so many goodies to be found - let you know you cannot blame me. What a supply! I am thinking about ebay and my new favorites for example Barnebys. The latter includes an enthusiasm for some unique items not only for your closet - for good prices. 


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