Thursday, July 5


Hello darlings,

Since ever that I wrote the certain post about short film for Prada by Roman Polanski... this actually happened yesterday.
Sigh totally lovin it and now  this is a main reason that has inspired me to continue this little story with similar clothes like in the film. 

Which one would you choose in her place?

Of course I can say I have selected that almost all the clothes are from Prada and Miu Miu... yes I stayed at the fashion house.

Start a bit of similar way for an visit at the psychoanalyst - red A-line skirt, silky bird printed blouse, white mother of pearl necklace, either of them sunglasses and the beautiful coat with fur collar. It is a danger zone and I think Ben Kingsley could hardly resist trying at her coat. Again!

At her office? May it be a pair of burgundy loafer, lace skirt, greenish blouse, earrings and a perfect tote with car overlay.

At her pool? Perfect relax place is before our very eyes. when she is basking in the sun and sipping at one's mojito. She wears an 50s inspired swimsuit, elegant wedges, cameo earrings and a pair oversize sunnies. Then she can pick up a knitted dress, green quilted flap - lovely butterfly keycharm is peeping out from this handbag... and she absolutely get ready for a daily program.

What then? She makes a statement dress it up for a party with mermaid dress, snakeskin sandals and a black satin clutch. What can I say more? Impressive enter, do not you think?


  1. Anonymous7:38 pm CEST

    I love O - the shoes!

    Super selection as always!

  2. OMG DIE FOR THE MERMAID DRESS!!! that bottom is so pretty!!

  3. Amazing post!
    Love the jewelry!


  4. M and D are fantastico! :)


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