Tuesday, February 21

The knitted sweater...

Hey loves, 

Just lovely and I am glad I found it at eBay for £ 17 because quite expensive to make with the price of wool now. Oh yes, it is with brand name printed and no I am not a huge fan of logo things, but this one is the exception - I think it is inconspicuous - inter alia the reason may be other printed on the woolen material. Do not you think?

grey woolen sweater - Moschino


  1. super duper cute! i would totally wear this :) very casual and chic, for sure! i hope that you are well darling!

    <3 jamie

  2. Ich liebe Moschino t-shirt...=) Super Klasse Post.

    Today you can check my look for prespring:


    You can translate in upright corner frame.

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


  3. omgosh this mochino sweater is SOOO cute!! I LOVE IT! you are so lucky you scored this beauty on ebay for such a good price!

  4. Hú, ez a pulcsi nagyon-nagyon tetszik! Tök király!:)

  5. Anonymous8:37 pm CET

    That's a great find. Nothing like a cute, comfy sweater that you can pair with jeggings and a cute pair of heels. Thanks for stopping by earlier! Come by often! Oh and I love your shoe collection! xo

  6. That sweater looks so cool and so warm!

  7. It's cute! I've never seen one quite like it.


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