Saturday, November 19

Reminiscent 2.

Hey sweeties, 

As you know the 60's are one of the glorious years for fashion - fashion revolution. This feeling of the changed of fashion is being remade in my mind and definitely inspired while I have seen time and time again the Little Shop of Horrors. It is one of my favorite rock musicals. That is amazing and was playing in 1960. At this time, there was a carry over from the 50's, including the "bouffant" look. This look is a dress where the top part is tight and the skirt of the dress puffs out. The popular hairstyle was a beehive, where they tease their hair and piled it high on their head...
Let's live this again! Enjoy my collage! 

Costume from the movie, current clothes from net-a-porter and inspired street style photos by The Sartorialist


  1. Hi there, great post the 60's rocked it was a fashion revolution! Loving the leopard peeptoes and the black and white dresses, so classy!Have a stylish Sunday!

    Sharon xx

  2. The 60s definitely has 'Magic' We'll never get bored to dress like all women in this era.
    From the outfit, hair style or even the fashion icon, i'm sure that we'll always back to find some great inspiration :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  3. Fun post, darling!
    Love that poufy pink skirt!


  4. Your sweet comment took me directly to your blog :)
    So happy as I somehow did not see in my blog update that you also did a new post.
    "Good old memories" ... a piece of a wonderful wardrobe today ;)

    Happy Weekend to you dear Janet!!!

  5. Aaahhh can never get enough of vintage...and the peter pan collar!

    Hope you can visit my blog back and also following you on Google Connect. Hope you can share the love and follow back, missy!

    Much love from Canada x

  6. Peter Pan colors, peplum, leopard, love, love! :)

  7. Jópofa poszt, nekem a piros ruci nagyon tetszik!!:)


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