Saturday, July 16


Hey guys,

The bohemian look is a big trend right now, that is to say over and over again! I love how fringes are dominate, just think about Emmanuelle's top with lot of fringes what Tommy was photographed at the Paris Collection. Little bit hippie style, but looks funky with a pair of simple pencil trousers. So inspired, but I thought I would not fit into a similar top. Thus I was still stay at researched mode and I was able to stop a pair of fringed shoes, of course. Shoes! What else?
I tell the truth I was not a big fan of last Spring 2010 Louis Vuitton collection, where Marc Jacobs used a lot of fur at incredible surfaces, for example on the clog esque. Also this was bohemian, but it was nowhere nearly winning for me. All the more I loved so much what he has designed for the Pre-Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton collection. Even I found one of my favorite shoes with fringes at eBay. What do you think?
I guess I got a great deal already, but great bomb will do next season is a pair of chunky tights.

my new fringe peep toes - Louis Vuitton


  1. These LV looks are amazing!


  2. Wow, love the shoes! Very unique and the fringe details are great. Have you worn them yet? I wonder if the fringes are high-maintenance (do they get dirty easily?). I'd be so scared to step on them!

  3. Love the shoes! Cool blog, like the lipstick on my screen haha! Would you like to follow each other? love, m.

  4. I love Fringe on my accessories. Those shoes look awesome.

  5. nice blog! :)
    and follow if u like! ;)

  6. this is a great trend and i love the images that you have chosen.


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