Wednesday, March 18

Blousebody & award

blousebody/blúzbody - BOUCHE A BOUCHE

This cute blousebody is a more special form with some lace part. Not the commerce shirt cut, but this have a romantic top. I think so this my basis piece for the summer.

What would you add to it?

Ez a helyes "blúzbody" egy különlegesebb forma némi madéra betéttel. Nem egy hagyományos ing fazon, rendelkezik egy romantikus felsőrésszel. Úgy gondolom ez egy alapdarabom a nyárra.

Mivel kombinálnád?

And now I distribute this cute "lemonade award" among 10 lovely bloggers.
I got this from beautiful Tina. Thank you very much!

goes to: (in alphabetic order)

Ana B. from On Dressing Up
Deana from Dooder City
Dexter from The High Heel Times
Elizabeth from Fashionxoxo
Meg from Pudding and Pie
Penny from Penny Lane
Silje from Silje's fashion
Tanya from Captivate me
Ulrika from Freelancer's Fashionblog
Vera from Deep in Vogue


  1. Anonymous6:04 pm CET

    awww, you're so sweet--thank you, my dear :-)

  2. congrats on the award. how is your week going? i lvoe the blouse!

  3. Deana - I'm tyred. I work on the week in the morning. (I work in 3 shifts, on an informatics area. necessary: Constant check) I wake up at dusk (4.30 a.m.) in this period. You may believe it! I'm a zombie! :( I hate this period...

    And U?

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm CET

    The blouse body seems pretty cool, skirt, jeans whatver, it appaers to go with all. Read your above comment, and your life sure seems hectic I am surpsied you have time to blog!

  5. Your job sounds insane!! Love the award-to cute. Thanks so much, darling!

  6. Sweeeties - Oh, don't worry! :D I love my job. Rather only irregular, I find the time for my blog because of this. ;)

  7. Congrats on the award and I like the blouse colour and the lace part


  8. congrats to the award and thanks for your sweet comment :)

  9. The blousebody is pretty and practical!

  10. thank you soo much. mr. freddy's happy to hear comments from you again.

    btw, that blouse would be perfect with a long skirt.
    ey, i've a new post and i linked you.

  11. hahó kösz a jókívánságokat : ) magyar nyelven annyira egyedi, amit csinálsz - főleg ilyen intenzitással - hogy természetesen szinte mindegyik napi turkálónkban benne vagy a Bp Butikon : ) további klassz ruhákat/klassz posztokat :)

  12. Hi there-the blouse-body is cute, love the colour!

  13. Anonymous9:32 am CET

    halihó! nagyon jól néz ki ez a blúz, bár nekem furi hogy body!és egy fehér vászongatyóval el tudnám képzelni nyáron! :)

  14. Anonymous11:04 am CET

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, sweet J! Great summer blouse!

  15. Anonymous9:34 pm CET

    Sorry for the late reply, I had no time at all. BUT, I _love_ surprises, especially when they are awards, merci Janet :)


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